The Music of the Inexpressible (Levante, 23.10.2023)

INAUGURAL CONCERT Jacobo Christensen, violin; Davit Khrikuli, piano. Works: F.Schubert, C. Debussy, M.Ravel. Friday, Oct 20th. Marqués de Gonzàlez de Quirós House of Culture Tzigane (1924) is true fusion music. A work that explores the world of color, that transforms music into purely dreamlike moments, and does so first of all through the instruments chosen by Ravel; violin and piano/luthéal (prepared piano that expands the timbral possibilities of the traditional piano). The choice of instruments responds to the need to incorporate exoticism, to dream of new colors, and in this aesthetic strategy the violin also deploys all its timbral resources … Read more

The youngest talent (Las Provincias Newspaper, 10.07.21)

CONCERT Works by Barber, Mozart, Offenbach, Delibes and Bartok. Nostrum Mare Camerata. C. Soler and J. Christensen. Olympia Theatre, July 5, 2021 The Nostrum Mare Camerata made its debut, under the aegis of C. Soler. The group is a chamber ensemble of young musicians. Maestro Soler directed the first two pieces: Barber’s Adagio for Strings and Mozart’s Violin Concerto No. 5. From the very beginning, the quality of the sound was amazing, particularly in the strings, that for long passages sounded like a consolidated professional ensemble. Soler, once again, demonstrated his great talent for bringing out the best of any … Read more

Jacobo Christensen and Cristóbal Soler create a chamber orchestra of young musicians (Levante, 07.07.2021)

 This Monday, Nostrum Mare Camerata, with musicians between the ages of 20 to 25, made its debut at the Olympia Theatre M.M. | València The Nostrum Mare Camerata Orchestra, founded and led by the the 21 year-old violinist from Valencia Jacobo Christensen, made its debut last Monday at Valencia’s Olympia Theatre in an inaugural concert played to a full house whose clamorous applause was rewarded with three encores.  The twenty two members of the orchestra, under the aegis of honorary conductor Cristóbal Soler of Valencia, are all young musicians between the ages of 20 and 25. Cristóbal Soler is the … Read more

Resounding Success of the Inaugural Concert of the VIII Torreblanca Summer Festival

In front of a full-capacity crowd in the town square, soloists Jacobo Christensen and Carlos Apellániz captivated the audience piece by piece. Jacobo proved his virtuosity on the violin with his impassioned and personal interpretations of demanding pieces like «Zigeunerweisen» by Pablo Sarasate. Carlos dazzled concert-goers with Chopin’s treasured «Nocturne nº2» and the «Heroic Polonaise». The duo was called back for no less than three encores and closed the concert with Monti’s «Czardas» and Gardel ’s tango «Por una cabeza» [link]

Interview in Beat Valencia #116 (Feb. 2019)

“Classical music is not a fast-moving consumer product. You have to stop and think, study and analyse it. It makes you introspective. And of course it makes you feel things.”Jacobo Christensen has been appearing on stage from a very early age. And in spite of his youth, this violinist from Valencia has a dizzying curriculum vitae. He has played in the United States and Switzerland. And in August he is slated to play several concerts in China.  In Valencia’s Symphony Hall, he performed Astor Piazzolla’s tangos and Aguafuertes Porteños (in a concert he will reprise on October 2). But before … Read more

«In Spain it is hard to get young people to overcome their prejudice against classical music» (Levante, 15.03.2018)

That young violin virtuoso from Valencia has turned into a young man of 18 who has played with orchestras around the world and taken lessons from musicians the likes of Zakhar Bron. This evening, he will play at the Valencia Symphony Hall.   Today at 20:00 the Iturbi Auditorium will provide the stage for a multimedia show “Casual Concert & Lounge”, with the Valencia Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Oliver Díaz performing works by Tchaikovsky, Brahms, Mussorgsky, Borodin, Sarasate and Saint-Saëns. The young violinist Jacobo Christensen will put his “Stradivarius” at the service of the last two composers. The music … Read more

«It is through art that society expresses freedom» (Levante, 13.12.2015)

A 16 year old violinist. Acclaimed for his extraordinary musical sensitivity, this young violinist from Valencia will present his first CD today in the Valencia Ateneo at 19:00, performing pieces by Massenet, Tchaikovsky, Sarasate and Kreisler. He held his first violin when he was two and half years old and began playing in public when he was five. He has been the laureate of prestigious international competitions and has performed in the United States, Switzerland and Denmark. Jacobo Christensen (Valencia, 1999) picked up his first violin when he was two and a half and by five was already playing in … Read more

«Seeing my violin as a game made me love music» (Levante, 21.09.2015)

At just 15 years of age, the violinist from Valencia Jacobo Christensen has conquered Europe and the United States. In his young career, he has had the opportunity to play with prestigious orchestras. Concerts in Italy, Denmark and Switzerland and a tour through California last April. Nothing is standing in the way of Jacobo Christensen, the violinist from Valencia who at just 15 years old has played with prestigious international orchestras and has had as maestros eminent musicians like Zakhar Bron. Born in Valencia, with a father from Denmark and a mother from Spain, early on he showed his special … Read more

Painting Sound (Levante, 15.12.2015)

For the last five years, Jacobo Christensen Fabuel, age 17, has been amazing people for various reasons: he produces a sound — and what a sound! — that is fluid and bright and that, without doubt,  he will expand over time, to broach the most demanding pieces. His technical skills, developed through diligent study with his teachers, give him total freedom to delve into pieces that allow him to fly, without losing sight of the centre of gravity that must keep every musician’s feet on the ground. In  a multidisciplinary event (complete with videoclip, poetry reading and dancers) the violinist … Read more

More than a prodigy (Levante, 22.09.2013)

Only a prodigy can play the violin really well at the age of fourteen; to do it as well as Jacobo Christensen (Valencia, 1999) does takes more than a prodigy. That is something that only a few privileged young players can achieve, among the very few who are able to play the violin really well at that age. Technically, Christensen still has room for growth; he could tighten up a note here and there, for example. But he has already mastered the hardest part: on the one hand, he coaxes out a warm, almost human sound. On the other, he … Read more