Interview in Beat Valencia #116 (Feb. 2019)

“Classical music is not a fast-moving consumer product. You have to stop and think, study and analyse it. It makes you introspective. And of course it makes you feel things.”Jacobo Christensen has been appearing on stage from a very early age. And in spite of his youth, this violinist from Valencia has a dizzying curriculum vitae. He has played in the United States and Switzerland. And in August he is slated to play several concerts in China.  In Valencia’s Symphony Hall, he performed Astor Piazzolla’s tangos and Aguafuertes Porteños (in a concert he will reprise on October 2). But before that, on March 1, in the Matisse Hall, and with pianist Elizabete Sirante, he will play a selection of pieces by César Frank, Saint-Saëns, Sarasate and, once again, Piazzolla. A delightful opportunity, also for those not used to classical music.

By Jorge Frutos, 26.02.19 | PDF