July 5, 2021 > Debut of Nostrum Mare Camerata in Valencia

The Olympia Theater in Valencia hosted the Nostrum Mare Camerata‘s debut concert on Monday, July 5. Founded by Jacobo Christensen and promoted by his mentor, the conductor Cristóbal Soler, this group of young virtuosos comes like a breath of fresh air to the world of classical music. Their ultimate goal is art, to achieve the desired interpretation, to dedicate their life to what they love and to enjoy exciting.

> Download complete program (PDF, 12Mb)

Solo violin: Jacobo Christensen
Sopranos: Marina Cuesta, Blanca Ruiz
Mezzosoprano: Carmen Lázaro
Directors: Cristóbal Soler, Jacobo Christensen
Dramaturgy: Jaime Martorell

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