The Music of the Inexpressible (Levante, 23.10.2023)

Jacobo Christensen, violin; Davit Khrikuli, piano.
Works: F.Schubert, C. Debussy, M.Ravel.
Friday, Oct 20th. Marqués de Gonzàlez de Quirós House of Culture

Tzigane (1924) is true fusion music. A work that explores the world of color, that transforms music into purely dreamlike moments, and does so first of all through the instruments chosen by Ravel; violin and piano/luthéal (prepared piano that expands the timbral possibilities of the traditional piano). The choice of instruments responds to the need to incorporate exoticism, to dream of new colors, and in this aesthetic strategy the violin also deploys all its timbral resources such as fluted sonorities, the use of harmonics, double strings, etc. In Tzigane (from the Hungarian gypsy), the violin begins alone in a long cadence soliloquy where a series of intervals of oriental sound unfold that will develop throughout the work. A work conceived in rhapsodic form to provide the composer with maximum structural freedom..

Jacobo Christensen‘s performance was very emotional. He is an artist who leaves no one indifferent, who overflows with musicality and with an easy and natural virtuosity. David Khrikuli, with a remarkable piano sound, also gave a great performance both in his rapport with the soloist and in the interior dialogues. Perfect discursive integration. A concert to remember, and there are already 228.

This inaugural concert was preceded by the news that Fomento de Gandia will give its Cultural Career Award to the Pro Música association on November 6 at 7 p.m. Award that supports 28 years of musical activities, placing Gandia and the region on the international cultural scene. Many thanks to Fomento, to the entire public, Pro Música partners and institutions that have made it possible for enjoying good music in Gandia to be a collective success today.

By Òscar Creus, 23.10.2023 | Original linkSee in PDF