Jacobo Christensen held his first violin before the age of three and began his music studies with C. Roig, V. Balaguer and M. Spivak. He has gone on to take lessons from S. Ostrovsky, B. Belkin, I. Gitlis, A. León Ara, S. Marcovici, I. Turban and V. Vassilev. His instructor in music theory is composer J. Debón, and he is studying stage arts with A. Carvallo. He is taking classes in Conducting with Maestro C. Soler. Christensen is enrolled in the Reina Sofia Higher School of Music in Madrid, where he receives instruction under Department Head Zakhar Bron.

Appearing on stage from an early age, Christensen made his soloist debut in 2013 with Tartini’s Concerto in D minor, a performance he reprised in Geneva and Solsona. That same year, he won first prize in the Geneva International Music Competition Crescendo, and was again laureate in the Spanish competitions for young musicians Concurso Internacional de Violín Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid), Festival AIMS in Solsona (Lleida) and III Concurso para Jóvenes Intérpretes in Canet (Valencia.

Acclaimed as “more than a prodigy” after his performance of Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto in E minor with the Valencia Orchestra in his hometown’s Symphony Hall when he was 14 years old, Christensen has given concerts in San Miniato and Siena (Italy), Skive, Thisted, Nykoebing, Thise (Denmark), Geneva (Switzerland) as well as in cities throughout Spain. In 2015, he performed in a series of concerts in California and, in December of that year, made his first recording for the GadGad Music label. In August 2017, Christensen played in Pinggu (China). In addition to recital pieces for violin and piano and works for chamber music ensembles, his repertoire includes Bach’s Concerto for two violins, Bruch’s Concerto in G minor, Tchaikovsky’s Violin concerto in D major and Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. Christensen has played under the batons of Maestros C. Soler, O. Díaz, J. Carewe, P. Rus, R. Casero, S. Ostrovsky, B. Fernandez, S. Sebastià and D. Abad, among others.

In 2019, Christensen took First Place in the city of Alicante’s competition Premio de Interpretación Sociedad de Conciertos in March, and in April, he was awarded First Prize in the competition for young soloists II Certamen de Joves Solistes organised by the Region of Valencia Youth Orchestra.

As the recipient of this prize, he is scheduled to tour with the Orchestra to perform J. Sibelius’ Violin Concerto in D minor under the direction of Pablo Rus.


Beauty, Art & Life

I am very skeptical when thinking about what music means to me. A better question would be what it doesn’t mean.. 

Music, like all other art forms, faces an eternal oxymoron: the harmony achieved through the symbiosis of radically opposed concepts.

Can’t music be happy and sad, almost at the same time? Can’t it be simultaneously boring and stimulating, pleasing and unpleasant, naif and mature, minimalistic and complex?

That is why I would rather define music as a dialogue between sound and silence. That might look like an ambiguous answer, although I don’t think it’s meaningless; life itself is often a more or less balanced compendium between presence and absence. 

What music means to me is irrelevant, since music exists in and of itself. Its beauty is what is we discern in our ear, and that is specific to each and every one of us: This puts music in human terms; it is what transforms this dialogue between sound and silence into art, the art to which I wish to devote my life.